Nov 01, 2019

Business Manager

$115,983 - $136,452 yearly
  • Region 4 Education Service Center
  • Houston, TX, USA
Full-time Accounting and Finance

Job Description

Job Goal: To maintain accounting records in accordance with the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) Financial Accountability System Resource Guide (FASRG) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); to document the operations of the Center, providing accurate and timely financial information; and to provide vision and direction to Business Office personnel and the internal business operations of the Center.

Bachelor's degree with a major in Finance or Accounting

1. Minimum of three years governmental accounting experience
2. Demonstrated success in the management of a region education service center or district-level business office

Special Knowledge and Skills
1. Knowledge of requirements outlined in TEA’s FASRG for Texas Public School. The FASRG includes budgeting, purchasing, auditing, and financial accounting and reporting
2. Understanding of data processing systems for use as management tools and in business-related applications (ex. Cognos, Community Plus, SAP)
3. Ability to establish rapport and collaborative relationships with ESC personnel
4. Exemplary analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, and communication skills
5. Skill in listening and appropriately responding to and addressing concerns

Preferred Qualifications:
1. CPA
2. Experience with eFinance Plus
3. Previous supervisory experience

Major Responsibilities:
Fiscal Management
1. Assist in the budgeting process, including:
a. Preparation of the proposed budget and any amendments to the operating budget;
b. Development and distribution of monthly budget status reports to division heads and department directors; consultation with same regarding budget amendments and funding restrictions; and
c. Provide assistance to each Cabinet Member and/or Director in developing and monitoring Division/Department budgets.
2. Perform general ledger and month-end functions and prepare necessary entries/adjustments.
3. Oversee the administration of payroll.
4. Oversee cash management including investment of funds, daily bank balances, bidding the depository contract, and negotiating securities pledged.
5. Oversee the performance of year-end procedures.
6. Support Cabinet Members and Directors in the operation of entrepreneurial activities to ensure effective financial goals are developed and met.
7. Support Directors in planning initiatives through financial analyses, reports, and recommendations.

1. Coordinate and oversee the external audit (including the preparation of schedules for the audit report and providing financial information to the independent auditors).
2. Coordinate and oversee the management of TEA and/or funding agency audits.

1. Assist with submissions to the TEA of financial reports related to state and federal grants, in compliance with the standards, guidelines and requirements of the applicable governmental agencies.
2. Oversee internal financial reporting and analyses of the Center’s financial performance, as required by the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director, or the Chief Financial Officer.
3. Review reports and exhibits prepared for the Board meeting agenda.

Supervision/Personnel Management
1. Supervise internal accounting operations.
2. Supervise all business office functions.
3. Supervise and evaluate all Business Office staff.
4. Interact with Center personnel when problems/questions related to Business Office processes/procedures arise.

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